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Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire

The unique Kadampa Primary School for children ages 3 to 11 in Derbyshire, UK aims to help each child develop the ability to learn, work and play harmoniously with others by maintaining a respectful, caring attitude towards everyone even in difficult situations. This school’s students and faculty come from a variety of countries, cultures, and spiritual beliefs, and as such reflect our experience of the diverse modern world, providing children with the opportunity to develop tolerance and a broad perspective at an early age.

The National Curriculum is presented in a creative, individualized way, permitting each child to learn according to his or her own needs and yet meet the attainment target levels for the various levels of study. Many learning modalities are offered such as Montessori methods, outdoor learning, and a school wide project in design and technology to design the playground.

Today’s children can be distracted and confused by the bombardment of television, movies, video games and websites, which often make harming others exciting and encourage impulsive violence as a solution. They can even become afraid of what is in their minds.

A special aspect of this fully accredited school is daily meditation and reflection which is designed to foster imagination and concentration while helping students to learn to recognize and reduce their thoughts that result in unhappiness. As children learn to concentrate and control their minds, they develop a greater capacity for learning, have more satisfying relationships, and attain the ability to stay happy while coping with the ups and downs of daily life.

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